The sweet agony of wanting to fuck your friends (and knowing you probably shouldn’t)

We have this couple that we hang out with and things are a bit… shall we say… blurry? The guy is one of my bridesmaids and I often refer to him as my ‘platonic husband’. The girl’s in Jared’s bridal party and they work together. They know we’re open/poly and we often joke and talk about sex quite often. I feel like there’s a decent amount of sexual tension there but we’re all focused on the friendship and don’t want to ruin it even though there’s definitely an attraction.

We were out one night and we all ended up talking about threesomes and then me and the girl made out with another girl in the bathroom of a bar. Her partner came in and she instructed me and him to kiss (read about that night here). When we’re drinking at our place, us girls always end up topless (we call it ‘tits out time’ and anyone can shout it out and everyone has to get topless). Me and the guy will often have baths together after a big night or festival. There’s even a photo of the boys totally naked in the bath and they have kissed (not seriously though, much to my dismay). We all often kiss on the mouth as well (no tongue) and there was one night when we all ended up in bed naked but nothing happened.

So, you could say there’s tension there but no one’s willing to take the plunge for fear of shit getting weird. So, in the spirit of exploring unfulfilled sexual fantasies, I’ve written about it in my next post (this one will be too long otherwise). For the purpose of this story, their names will be Rebecca and Mark. Not that anyone that knows us and read this wouldn’t know exactly who they were. Anyway, it’s too late to worry about that kind of stuff. Here goes nothing.


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