Get the leather out

I can’t believe I haven’t told you about the little ‘session’ we had the other week. You see, I’ve been dropping hints and flat out asking Jared to dominate me – be rougher and maybe engage in a little bit of humiliation play. He’s been overall quite resistant to it, aside from a little bit of choking and spanking, which we mostly did already. He grew up in a house with domestic violence so the thought of being ‘abusive’ to me makes him very uncomfortable, even though he knows it’s consensual and not even close to abuse.

Anyway, over Xmas, he bought me a little collar, lead and harness set – both subtle enough that I can wear them out (and have). Kind of like the one below (yes, that’s me) but in matte brown leather with bronze detailing and a bit more expensive looking. I suppose I could easily take a photo of my ones but I’m too lazy right now. They’re really pretty and still fashionable and feminine. I love their smell and will often get them out of their little bags just to inhale the scent of the leather. It’s such a wonderful smell.

File 18-03-2016, 4 52 19 PM.jpeg

So that was a nice little gesture on his part. I’ve worn them out a few times but we hadn’t actually ‘played’ with them at all until the other week. He disappeared into the bedroom one morning and was gone a little while so I went in to see what he was doing. Turns out he was getting my collar and lead and, when I walked in, he had a very cheeky look on his face. I asked what he was doing and we both laughed because this isn’t really something we’ve done much together (ok, at all really).

We both got naked and he helped me get the collar on then lead me over to the bed. I climbed on and waited for his instruction. Using the lead, he pulled my mouth onto his cock and held me down there while I sucked and licked his shaft. When he was ready, he lubed me up and told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed and then he used the collar to hold me close while he fucked me from behind. In that position, there’s no escaping his cock. I was forced to take it alllll in and that plus the feeling of the collar pressing into my neck and constricting my air supply was extremely hot. The thought that this was Jared doing this to me and it was actually happening added to the excitement.

As hot as it was, I wasn’t going to be able to come in that position and Jared knew it so he had me lay down on my stomach so I could play with myself while he fucked me. The combination of the position, the collar and the feeling of choking and being dominated were enough to have me coming in a few strokes.

For our first play with leather-wear, it was pretty successful. I think Jared may have even surprised himself a bit. I was a little worried (and maybe excited) the collar might have left marks on my neck as I bruise very easily but it didn’t so that was good. The collar is maybe a bit thin so it kind of feels like it’s cutting into my neck a bit but nothing too unbearable. If we were going to get serious about it, we might get something a bit more sturdy but, for the moment, what we have will do nicely. We haven’t played with them since but it’s good to know they’re there, sitting in the drawer waiting to be taken out and used.


13 thoughts on “Get the leather out

  1. i have the cutest little collar also, of course it hasn’t been touched in a couple years but the memories are nice. glad you got a chance to play and that Jared enjoyed himself too. 🙂

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