This is a promise you can hold me to

I’ve been toying with the idea of a new erotic fiction post and it’s got me quite excited (in more ways than one, I’ve already played with myself a few times while thinking about it). My previous sex fiction posts have all involved me and Jared or least Jared or thinly veiled versions of us but this new idea is different. 

First, it doesn’t feature us at all but two completely fictional characters, which is plenty exciting to begin with. I wonder if writing a fuck story that doesnt feature me/Jared will make it any easier to write? Will I feel less squeamish? Maybe. We’ll see. Second, the scene I have in mind is kind of Lolita-esque with a sprinkling of cheeky and a healthy dose of wrong. 

I have the basic outline and some of the dialogue so now I just need to pull it all together. But that’s not going to happen tonight. I’m tired and very, very hungover. Definitely this week though, scout’s honour. 


9 thoughts on “This is a promise you can hold me to

  1. When I first started writing erotica, I wrote about events that really happened to me. But after a number of years I began to write about fantasies I had or situations that I thought were sexy and it’s been quite freeing. For better or worse (and some would say worse) my erotica has a wide range of genres as a result.

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    1. At first, it made me feel a bit prudish writing about those things and having to use weird words. It felt a bit corny at first, I suppose, and it still does but I’m getting used to it and losing my squeamishness. Still have a long way to go but I think shedding my discomfort is the first step!


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