How times have changed

I started this blog to help me make sense of all the sights and sounds on my polyamorous journey yet I feel like it’s veered off into all kinds of alternative directions. There are posts about erotic fiction, depression and mental health plus general sex and feelings posts. Basically, this has become my catch-all blog for the stuff I can’t post on my other site, i.e. the one my mum reads.

And for that I’m sorry to any of you who came for the poly and got stuck with the ‘oh woe is me’ and fuck stories. Or hey, maybe you came for the poly and stayed for the fuck stories, in which case hopefully I can keep writing those and keep you entertained. But seriously, my recent posts are not so poly-ful lately (as you can see, I like making up my own words), mostly because there’s not much to report.

We have quite a bit of interest on Tinder and 3nder and one of our previous dates has popped back up and is pretty keen but, with Jared’s bars, things are really tough. Everyone talks about poly being time consuming and needing a lot of time and how do you find the time and, to be honest, it’s probably only in the last 3 – 6 months I’ve realised how true this is. We regularly call it quits on us making plans with any new people because we just don’t see each other enough but then someone really intriguing will come along and we change our minds but it’s just so hard. 

Jared joked the other day that if we weren’t already a couple and living together, there’s no way he could have a girlfriend and it’s 100% true. He’s getting to work at 7am then working 12-18 hour days 5 days a week and sometimes on weekends. Hell, he’d probably work on weekends as well if I wasn’t around to crack the shits. And this’ll only get worse as he gets closer to open and then he’ll swap his early mornings for late nights when he stays on site to make sure the bars run properly (at the moment, it’s all about the construction, not the actual bar trade).

So it’s not for lack or opportunity or desire that this blog has changed a little. Also, I like to write about what I feel like or am currently pondering so obviously it’s going to be about more than just poly stuff as I have one of those minds that tends to roam a lot. Hopefully that’s ok with everyone and, if not, well… suck it! It’s my blog and I do what I want *read that in a Cartman from South Park voice for maximum effect* ;);)


10 thoughts on “How times have changed

  1. It’s your blog so you should always feel free to write it any way you want to. Some of us write specifically to one thing… but life is more than just one single topic and, well, we all need to vent from time to time, right?

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