The first time I slept naked

I was at my grandparents’ house the first time I consciously remember choosing to sleep naked. I’m not sure how old I was. I think it was just before I moved back to Jamaica after living in Australia with my aunt and uncle and two cousins for a year. So I was maybe twelve or thirteen.

It was winter time and I’ve always been a fiend for an electric blanket so I cranked the blanket up to three and shed my peejays before getting into bed. The flannel sheets felt like the softest thing I’d ever touched. And it felt so naughty, that anyone could walk in and talk to me and not know that, under the covers, I was totally naked. To this day, climbing into bed nude with freshly shaved legs is one of the greatest feelings on earth. I can only describe it as feeling like you’re not there – that you’re so smooth, naked and hairless that everything just gliiiiiiides over you, not really touching you. It’s delicious.

From then on, I was hooked. Wearing clothes to bed made me feel tangled and uncomfortable. Eventually I would grow to love being naked all the time but that wasn’t until much later, once I got past my teenage self consciousness and poor self esteem. I still sleep naked in summer but not so much in winter time.You see, I’m one of those people that’s always cold. If I stand in a shadow at the height of summer, I’ll feel cold. I’m not even exaggerating (much).

We used to have an electric blanket but one day we found it had burnt a small hole in the material and Jared banned it from the house. I was willing to be more forgiving, after all, it was a very tiny hole and we spotted it early and we didn’t die. I mean, what harm had it really done in the grand scheme of things? Having an electric blanket meant I could sleep naked all year round, which was a plus I was willing to make some sacrifices for. But Jared wouldn’t budge. He kept throwing around words like “safety” and “health hazard”. In the end, I gave up.

So, as you can see, sleeping nude in winter is not going to work for me (damn it, I miss my electric blanket!). But summer time, ohhh yeah. It’s on, baby. Nighties be damned, it’s nudie time.


36 thoughts on “The first time I slept naked

    1. That’s awesome. It’s so freeing to be naked and be comfortable that way. I only wear pjs when it starts getting cold. I wish I lived somewhere that was always warm enough to ditch clothes altogether when at home.

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      1. Oh ok. I thought he was only against ones with holes in them. Those can be dangerous. Space heater then? Btw, isn’t Jamaica warm throughout the year? I always imagined the Caribbean islands to be sunny through the whole calendar

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      2. I live in Sydney, Australia. I lived in Jamaica when I was younger. Moved back here in 2001. We have a gas heater in the living room, not in the bedroom. When it gets really cold, we pull it closer to the hallway so it warms up the bedroom as well.

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  1. It drives me nuts to sleep with clothes on!! Holy crap. I can’t do it summer or winter, and I’m cold all the time too. Every once in a blue moon I will begrudgingly, and with protest (even if it’s strictly my own choice) wear clothes to bed.

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      1. Wouldn’t it be! A friend of mine is from Trinidad and Tobego and he said it’s about 70 some odd degrees (F) throughout the year, the pictures he was showing me were just jaw droppingly beautiful! It sounds like summer all the time there!


      2. I went to Trinidad year before last. The food is amazing and we went out to this place called Maracas Beach, I think. Very beautiful, even if some women did ask me to put my top back on while I was sunbaking. I grew up in Jamaica and it’s the same there although, when it got to winter time, everyone complained about the cold even though it was only mid-low 20s (C).

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      3. I’ve always felt that anywhere that gets down to -17C was never meant to be a place for humans. 😉 Our range in Sydney is 8C – 40C, I’d say. It actually got above 40 this summer, which was intense.

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  2. Love, love being naked. Going to naked place is the best. Being naked witch other people, yes! Being naked and having naked fun, double yes! Sleeping naked, nope! LOL

    I just can’t do it. Wake up naked with various sweaty body parts stuck together? Nope. Love my super thin jammies. So thin their are see through. Works for me.

    My hubby ditched my electric blanket too. Boo. Loved that thing.

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