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I feel like everyone has that one body part that somehow defines them; great hair, a strong nose, a winning smile. For me, it’s my ass. Yeah, I have an overall nice body and good face but, if you asked anyone that knows me what my best asset is (aside from my brain, obviously ;)), they’d say my butt. It’s much bigger than a girl my size has any right to and I chalk that up to my dad’s Puerto Rican genes.


At 33, it’s still very firm although I have noticed an increase in cellulite over the years but what can you do? Where there are curves, there’s cellulite so you just have to learn to deal. It still kicks ass in a tight outfit or on the dancefloor (I do love the occasional twerk fest) and it made me a lot of money back in the day when I was a stripper. Possibly because I was super slim then but still had this giant ledge of an ass. If I still danced nowadays, I’m sure I’d get asked if it was real but butt implants weren’t a thing back then.

So here’s to my ass. You’re mighty soft to sit on and, whenever I’ve fallen on you, you’re great cushioning. And, yes, you may make it hard for me to wear pencil skirts or run or wear swimwear without my bum looking like it’s trying to eat it (basically any kind of bikini bottom ends up looking like a g string) but you’re still awesome and I’m glad you’re here, following behind me day after day. Keep doing what you do back there, you’re alright.


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