Ode to the tuft

Lately, I’ve been exploring what it’s like to have pubic hair. Not a full bush, you understand (although there’s nothng wrong with that). More along the lines of a landing strip.

You see, ever since I was 18, I’ve been shaving it all off. Hairless and soft as a… hmmm… you can finish that simile. I remember being astounded the first time I shaved my pussy. Oh, that’s what’s under there! And I was so soft! You never get as smooth as that first time you shave, not a fucking chance. You’ll be forever chasing that smooth pussy dragon (you know what I mean, ladies). And, because I was a stripper, I never really went in for waxing. You have to let it grow back a bit. That’s not really going to work when you’re getting naked for people three to four nights a week. If that’s your life, shaving is where it’s at. And Bepanthen (baby nappy rash cream) is the stuff to cure all your shaving rash ails.

Until laser came along. I jumped on that shit super quick. Had a few treatments and then my laser lady disappeared off the face of the earth. It never occurred to me to find someone new, I just gave up on the whole thing. End result: I have a lot less hair but am not entirely bald down there. I call it my mange-y lab rat look. I know I’m not painting you a good picture here but I’m sure you can understand why I kept shaving.

Until recently. I know a few friends who keep a neat bush and I hadn’t seen mine in YEARS so I thought, fuck it, pussy hair, let’s see what you can do. Apparently, it can do a little. If I let it grow awhile, I can shave myself a nice little patch. Not quite a strip (I don’t have the density for that) but definitely a patch. A tuft, if you will. And I’ve been quite enamoured of my tuft. It feels nice to the touch. I like putting my hands down my pants and feeling my sparse little crop of hairs. It feels womanly, actually. Which is weird (or maybe not, who knows?).

Anyways, it’s a bit of a ritual to keep the patch intact because I have to shave around it while still keeping the other areas silky smooth. The other day I wasn’t paying attention and I accidentally shaved it off. I was devastated. Bereft! I’d grown to love my patch and now it was all gone! Unceremoniously washed down the drain with the soap suds! I told Jared and even he was sad that my “bush” was gone (although he could have been joking/teasing/humouring me).

But you know what the beauty of it is? I can grow it back. I’ve already got me a new tuft on the sprout and, in time, it’ll be just as tufty than the last one – perhaps even more so. Hell, the last one was about due a little trim. Oh the joy of pubic landscaping, what’s more thrilling than snipping your pubic hair with a pair of kitchen scissors (and washing them afterwards, of course)? Answer: HEAPS OF THINGS. But that doesn’t mean having a little patch of pubic hair doesn’t give me great pleasure.


9 thoughts on “Ode to the tuft

  1. When I was younger, I shaved my legs and pubic area from time to time. Then I left it alone for a long time, but recently I began doing it again.
    And there is something very pretty about smooth skin. I’ve never thought about leaving myself a tuft, but maybe I’ll try. 🌼

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  2. The hairy look is coming back and I, for one, like the idea. 🙂 I do like a bare as a babies bottom once in a while, but would prefer the adventure of a rumble in the jungle 😉

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