Holy shit, I forgot to quote

Tonight, I was sitting up the back at a writers’ festival Q&A when something occurred to me; I was nominated to post my three favourite quotes but I never got around to it! Poly Pride is one of my absolute favourite blogs to read so I can’t believe this slipped my mind for so long. Many apologies. On a side note, I was actually gearing up to write about the very sexy nape of the woman sitting a few rows in front of me but that will just have to wait.

SO! Without further ado, the guidelines:
1.) Three quotes required – either once a day for three days or post all 3 at once. Your choice
2.) Nominate and notify three other bloggers of the challenge
3.) Thank the blogger who nominated you.
The nominees are under no obligation to complete this challenge, but it would be fun if you do.

First off, thank you Takate. Although, I may rescind my thanks by the end of this post. As is my right.

My victims are:

  1. Enigmatic Amor
  2. Assentively Yours
  3. A Walk in the Snow

And now for my quotes.

(1) Honestly, I could fill this whole post with Sylvia Plath quotes but that would be depressing. If forced to pick one and try to not to make everyone sad, I would go with:


(2) Love, love, love Hunter S. Thompson – not just for the obvious reasons (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Rum Diary, Curse of Lono) but also because he was an incredibly smart political writer and investigative journalist. Also, he was funny as fuck and I appreciate someone who can inject humour into a serious topic. I had this quote in my diary in my early twenties:


(3) My final quote was going to be from my favourite book, American Psycho, but when I started looking, I thought, “fuck, don’t use that, Nat. People will think you’re insane.” And so, after much searching, I have come up with something that is quite possibly the literary opposite of American Psycho… *drum roll* …


Phew, that was tough. I won’t rescind my thanks but I will say that this took much longer than expected (mostly that damn third quote!).

Image credit: Pinterest, IZQuotes and Quotesgram


5 thoughts on “Holy shit, I forgot to quote

  1. Homework? Ah man! 😊😊

    Okay, I’m up for it, even though I was in a serious dry spell. Thanks for the nudge.

    I still want to know the quote you wouldn’t share, lol. Always fun to know exactly how twisted your friends really are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah a nice little nudge to get back to work. 😉 ahhhh the American Psycho quotes turned out to be more just lines I loved, not necessarily quotes to live by, e.g. “My pain is constant and sharp and I don’t hope for a better world for anyone” or “I’m in touch with humanity” or “I’ve assessed the situation and I’m leaving” but they just didn’t seem right for the post. 😕

      Liked by 1 person

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