The schoolgirls’ fantasy – part I

Ariel has been my best friend since kindergarten. We bonded over an intense session of finger painting and have been inseparable ever since. At kindy, we napped curled up together. We sat cross legged and banged musical instruments together. If the teacher ever tried to put us into separate teams, we cried and cried until they relented. We were that kind of close.

We were also neighbours. Ariel’s house was two blocks away from mine so we always walked home together after school. My parents worked weird hours so I usually stayed at her house until someone came home from their shift. Sometimes this became a sleepover. Her parents were like my parents and we were kind of like sisters… until high school.

Because we were both girls, no one bothered to tell us to keep the door open when we played. In primary school, it didn’t matter but, come high school, our natural curiosity got the better of us and we started to explore our bodies. At first, it was just lifting our tops to see how different our boobs were (Ariel’s are much bigger than mine, if you must know). Then seeing how different they felt (mine are smaller but firmer, solid handfuls, hers are large and jiggly like Jello but with small, pink nipples). Eventually our curiosity extended down below.

I remember being amazed at how different we were… down there. We’d lay in front of her mirrored wardrobe and examined each other. Her pussy was like a delicate little flower with soft pink petals edged with brown. I could stare at it for hours and I loved the sounds she made once I figured out what I was doing. Next to hers, mine was kind of plain and bare. I had very sparse blonde hair and kind of just a slit and a mound, none of the beautiful curves and dips of Ariel’s. The internet told us her was an outie and mine was an innie. I couldn’t help feeling mine had less… personality in a way but Ariel told me I was being silly. She liked me just how I was.

We were each other’s first kiss, first orgasm and first love. And I mean that, we truly loved one another. Which probably makes what I’m about to say next sound kind of weird but you have to remember that we were teenagers and we were very, very curious.


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