The schoolgirls’ fantasy – part II

Missed part 1? You’re welcome.

This is where we left off:

Previous episode: We were each other’s first kiss, first orgasm and first love. And I mean that, we truly loved one another. Which probably makes what I’m about to say next sound kind of weird but you have to remember that we were teenagers and we were very, very curious.


At seventeen, after being ‘together’ for about three years, we found we were starting to get curious about boys. Being with each other was fun and we were still very much in love but other girls had started paying attention to boys and we wondered what all the fuss was about.

One day, we were sitting in Ariel’s room after school. I was sprawled across the floor working my way through some particularly gnarly biology homework while she sat on the bed reading a book. I heard her put the book aside but didn’t look up. I thought she might be going to get a drink or something.

“So… I’ve been thinking, what if we find a boy to play with?” Ariel said, out of the blue, with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. I was shocked but not too shocked. Mostly just surprised by how much we thought alike.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing!” I replied, immediately ditching my homework and climbing onto the bed and into her arms.

“Who should it be?” I asked.

“None of the popular boys, they’d be dicks. And they’d probably tell everyone.”

“Someone shy,” I said. “But cute. He has to be cute.” We both paused, mentally swiping through the pool of man-flesh available to us.

“What about Jonathan?” we both said at once and burst into laughter. But we were serious. He was the one.

Jonathan was one of those shy, quiet guys that rarely get noticed because they’re not loud or funny. The type who linger in the background, only coming forward to do or say something nice and then disappear again. This reticence means they’re never front of mind when you think of who the cutest boys are. But Jonathan was very cute. Wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Clear skin. Soft pink lips that curled into the sweetest smile whenever anyone acknowledged him. He was perfect.

We stayed up all night formulating a plan we could put into action at school the next day. By the time we were finished, we were so worked up at the thought of sharing our first cock that we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Ariel pushed me back on the bed and pulled my underwear to the side, desperate to get at my pussy, which by now was slick and wet at the thought of what was to come. Her fingers slid across my clit and inside me but she kept her mouth pressed against my neck, my ears, my cheek – all the better to torment me with the things she wanted to watch me do with Jonathan. I was so excited by her whispers and she was such an expert with my body that, within seconds, I was shaking and gasping as I came with my face pressed into the pillow so her parents wouldn’t hear me.

She pressed her fingers to my mouth so I could taste myself. “That’s how excited you are by his cock, huh?” she purred in my ear as she slid her panties off.

“Mmmm hmmm,” I moaned, still a bit spaced out by the force of my orgasm.

Ariel was never one for waiting. She straddled my face and pressed her cunt against my lips, rocking herself slightly back and forth to indicate her impatience. I reached my hands around to grab her delicious ass and pull her closer to me. I pressed my face hard against her pussy, licking, sucking and fucking her with my tongue. Her hands grabbed the wall for support. I was very much awake now and my face was enveloped in the smell and taste of her beautiful sex.

My sole focus was to make her cum, to give her that pleasure that, so far, only I had been allowed to (aside from her, of course). Part of me was scared that Jonathan would come along and steal her away from me. That she’d love cock so much she’d forget about me but I knew that was just me being silly. I knew I had her when her hips started bucking against my chin and I had to hold her in place so she didn’t slip away from my probing tongue. A strangled half moan, half sob escaped her lips and she collapsed on top of me. I had to tap her leg to remind her I was down there and she was about to suffocate me with the very vagina I’d just brought to orgasm.

She laughed and wriggled down next to me, nuzzling into my neck and kissing me deeply, tasting herself on my lips (and all over my face for that matter). We snuggled and talked about Jonathan and how we felt about everything and that’s how we fell asleep, in a sweaty, exhausted tangle. We were lucky Ariel’s mother didn’t check on us because we forgot to put on pyjamas or set up the trundle bed (our little tricks to keep things looking ‘normal’). Lucky her parents were very trusting (read: clueless) and were used to me sleeping over so they rarely looked in on us.

The next day, we found Jonathan in the quad, eating lunch with his little group of equally shy friends. Our plan was to take things slow because we didn’t know him too well and we didn’t want to frighten him off. We knew he was good at maths so we asked him to tutor us after school. He agreed and we got his phone number so we could make plans for what nights would work. As we walked way, we heard his friends teasing him. He’d make a good tutor… in maths and other things. Or maybe it would be the other way around. If nothing else, at least our maths grades would improve.


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