The schoolgirls’ fantasy – part III

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This is where we left off:

The next day, we found Jonathan in the quad, eating lunch with his little group of equally shy friends. Our plan was to take things slow because we didn’t know him too well and we didn’t want to frighten him off. We knew he was good at maths so we asked him to tutor us after school. He agreed and we got his phone number so we could make plans for what nights would work. As we walked way, we heard his friends teasing him. He’d make a good tutor… in maths and other things. Or maybe it would be the other way around. If nothing else, at least our maths grades would improve. 


We spent a good few weeks sitting with Jonathan in Ariel’s room, learning maths. Ariel’s parents trusted us so we were able to close the door. I doubt they would’ve ever suspected what we had planned. They probably thought we were the sweetest teenagers alive. And we were really, we were just curious. We got to know Jonathan quite well over those weeks of plain old tutoring. And we got very good at maths. Once he came out of his shell, he was even sweeter than we thought and very funny. 

He never made a pass at either of us, which we found quite amusing, especially when we started changing in front of him when we got home – all under the pretence of needing to be more comfortable for all these dreadfully difficult maths problems he was making us do. Of course, we’d turn away when changing out of our school uniforms but the wardrobe doors were mirrored so he could see pretty well if he wanted to. Usually he looked out the window or down at his text book.

Ah the text book, it rarely left his lap once we started ramping up our plan. That was until we caught onto him and found some excuse to borrow his textbook and then ‘accidentally’ leave it out of reach, on the desk or something. After that, he started keeping his school bag nearby. He was crafty that one and he wasn’t stupid. He knew what was up, even if he didn’t suspect the full extent of our plans for him. 

Eventually, the time came to make our move. On the agreed day, we sprawled on the floor and got started on our maths problems while Jonathan sat perched on the bed. We’d purposefully done it this way so we’d have him right where we wanted him. Before she’d left for school, Ariel had moved her desk chair out of the room so he wouldn’t have that as an option. As soon as we’d gotten home, we’d thrown all our workbooks on the floor and stretched out there so nothing was left for him but the bed. About half an hour into doing our homework, we looked at each other and knew it was time.

“Hey Jonathan, we’re a bit stuck,” I said. Before he could rouse himself from the bed, we’d jumped up there with him, one girl either side.

“I can’t quite get this one,” Ariel said, pointing at her workbook. He leant towards her.

“I don’t understand. It all looks fi-” Ariel cut him off before he could finish, her lush red lips closing over his. I felt a small, sharp stab of jealousy (or was it envy? She went first!) but then it disappeared and I got excited at the thought of what we had planned.

Jonathan jerked back, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Umm…” he managed to gasp before I leant in and kissed him as well. It wasn’t at all like kissing Ariel. His lips weren’t as soft as Ariel’s and his tongue was hesitant, as shy as him. I wanted to grab him and tell him to kiss me harder, like he meant it, but I knew it wasn’t his fault, poor boy. We’d ambushed him.

I saw Ariel watching me out of the corner of my eye. I wondered if she’d felt a momentary flash of jealousy, like I had, but her face didn’t seem to say so. She was wearing one of the wickedest grins I’d ever seen, which to me seemed to indicate she was liking this a hell of a lot.

“Have you been with a girl before, Jonathan?” she purred once I’d stopped kissing him.

“Ummm… no. I mean, I’ve kissed a girl before but not… uhhh… not ummm…” he stopped and flushed deep pink.

“Would you like to be with us?” she asked.

Jonathan was silent. He looked like he was about to cry. I wanted to hug him.

“We haven’t been with a guy before but we want to. We picked you because you’re sweet and nice and we thought you’d respect us. Will you respect us, Jonathan?” Ariel asked, her eyes glancing at me to see if I still wanted to do this. I nodded my assent.

He nodded. The power of speech seemed to have escaped him at present.

“OK then,” said Ariel.

She leant over Jonathan and kissed me hard on the mouth, pushing me back into the cushions next to were he was sitting. I saw his eyes widen in amazement but he quickly scooted over so she could fit in front of me.


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