The schoolgirls’ fantasy – part IV

The beginning.
The previous chapter.

“We haven’t been with a guy before but we want to. We picked you because you’re sweet and nice and we thought you’d respect us. Will you respect us, Jonathan?” Ariel asked, her eyes glancing at me to see if I still wanted to do this. I nodded my assent.

He nodded. The power of speech seemed to have escaped him at present.

“OK then,” said Ariel.

She leant over Jonathan and kissed me hard on the mouth, pushing me back into the cushions next to were he was sitting. I saw his eyes widen in amazement but he quickly scooted over so she could fit in front of me.


We tugged at each other’s clothing and soon Ariel’s breasts spilled out of her shirt and my lips were on her neck, her breasts, my teeth teasing her nipples. Ariel straddled my lap and I buried my face in her breasts, cupping them with my hands and rubbing her nipples how she liked. Her skirt had risen up around her waist and I could feel the heat of her pussy against my thighs. I slid my hands between her legs and felt the moisture already beginning to seep through her panties.

Ariel sat back on the bed and gestured for me to lay back. She kissed my mouth and my neck, all the while sliding her hands down my body, unhooking my little front-clasp bralette. Once my breasts were free, she licked and sucked my nipples then kissed her way slowly down my stomach, lifting my school skirt and stopping just as she got to the band of my panties. I wriggled and moaned with anticipation.

“Have you gone down on a girl before?” she asked Jonathan, while lazily rubbing my clit through the fabric of my underwear. He shook his head.

“Have you seen a pussy?” Another head shake.

“OK, I’m going to teach you. You’ll be a pro by the end of today.”

I was a bit nervous to have someone watching something that Ariel and me usually did alone but, the minute her tongue hit my clit, it was hard to remember Jonathan was there. Ariel would tease me for awhile and then stop and show him what she was doing. He paid very close attention to where she showed him to put his tongue and fingers and what to do with them when they were in contact with me. Soon she was ready to let him have a turn. He was a quick learner and very dedicated to the task.

Ariel let him have a few minutes to get used to it before instructing me to sit on his face. He complied quite readily and I perched myself on top of him with my face turned towards the mirrored wardrobe so I could see what Ariel was going. God, it was hard to concentrate. She’d taught him so well, he’d managed to get her technique pretty much down pat. His fingers gently worked my pussy while his tongue lapped slow and gentle then hard and fast against my clit. It was maddening, enough to get me all worked up but not enough to come. She’d told him to hold off on the hard and fast work until she gave him the OK.

Meanwhile, Ariel had stripped Jonathan’s pants and underwear off. I saw her pause for a second when she saw his cock. Of course, we’d seen cocks in porn but this was our first real life one and it looked pretty fucking amazing.

“It’s so hard,” she said, almost in wonder. “I had no idea it would feel like this.”

Only muffled sounds were coming from Jonathan at this point. But his hips jerked a little as she squeezed his cock and a dribble of pre-come oozed from the head of his dick. Ariel ran her hands up and down his shaft, tightening her grip as she went. Then she leant forward and stuck her tongue out – tentative at first – unsure what it would taste like. Apparently it was fine because his cock disappeared into her mouth and she started to use the skills we’d studied in the many porn videos we’d watched on the net.

Immediately, Jonathan moaned and stopped licking my pussy. I really wanted to see his face while Ariel had her mouth around his cock but sitting on his face didn’t really allow that kind of angle. Instead, I tapped him on the head and pushed down against him so he’d get back to work. He was plenty distracted though and, when his hips started thrusting into Ariel’s mouth, I knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for much longer so I climbed off him and down onto the floor with Ariel.

She stopped sucking and stroking his cock and leant forward to kiss me. I could taste the slight saltiness of his pre-come on her lips and tongue and it made me want to taste it from the source. His cock was hot and wet when it slid into my mouth. I could hear Jonathan moaning now that his mouth wasn’t full of pussy. I looked up to see both of them watching me and it made me so fucking horny. I grabbed Ariel’s hand and pushed it towards my pussy. Of course, she understood exactly what I was after.

While Ariel’s hand worked between my legs, I felt Jonathan’s hand come down on my head to speed up my pace and force me to take his cock deeper into my throat. The first few thrusts made me gag but after that I got the hang of it. He was making tiny little grunts and moans that only served to make me more turned on. The excitement of my first cock sliding in and out of my mouth and throat plus the added bonus of Ariel’s very skilled fingers working my pussy was pushing me closer and closer to orgasm.

Just as I felt myself tipping over the edge, Jonathan gasped and I felt my mouth and throat fill with his come. The taste was unexpected and strange. I jerked back and some of it splashed across my neck and chest. There was so much of it, more than I’d expected. Ariel quickly shoved me back on the floor, her fingers working frantically between my legs. She knew how close I was to coming and didn’t want to let it go to waste. She covered me with her body and kissed my mouth, probing it with her tongue, wanting to taste what I’d tasted, but from my mouth instead of from his cock.

I cried out and hugged her close when I came and she continued to kiss and stroke me while the aftershocks washed over me.

“What a good little cocksucker you are,” she whispered, which made us both burst out laughing but also reminded us that the cock in question, i.e. Jonathan, was still in the room and, in fact, we both had his come smeared across out chests. We turned around to see what he was doing.

Turns out, he’d been watching and keeping himself amused, although he blushed a little when we caught him staring at us while slowly stroking his already hard cock. Teenage boys don’t need much downtime, it seems. Ariel kissed me once more on the lips then climbed up into Jonathan’s lap.



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