The schoolgirls’ fantasy – finale

The beginning. 
The previous chapter. 

Where we left off:

“What a good little cocksucker you are,” she whispered, which made us both burst out laughing but also reminded us that the cock in question, i.e. Jonathan, was still in the room and, in fact, we both had his come smeared across out chests. We turned around to see what he was doing.

Turns out, he’d been watching and keeping himself amused, although he blushed a little when we caught him staring at us while slowly stroking his already hard cock. Teenage boys don’t need much downtime, it seems. Ariel kissed me once more on the lips then climbed up into Jonathan’s lap. 


Still woozy from my orgasm, I watched from the floor while Ariel pushed Jonathan back on the bed and proceeded to make out with him while gently stroking his cock. She leant back and brushed her breasts across his face, tilting her nipples into his mouth and letting him suck on them one by one. His hands roamed across her breasts and back, coming to rest on then tightly grip her ass. I was transfixed by the sight of them. Their combined heavy breathing and moans sounded soothing and almost musical.

I marvelled at how comfortable she was with Jonathan and this new type of genitalia. But, then again, I seemed to have handled my first act of fellatio pretty well so maybe porn can be a good educational tool after all. We hadn’t watched any of the ‘hard’ stuff. We’d tried but it was horrifying. Thankfully, we found some nicer stuff before we got frightened off dick altogether.

Ariel motioned for me to pass her a condom. She was so brave; the first to do everything. Kiss a boy, suck a boy’s cock, now fuck one. Not that I minded, she’d always been the leader of our two person pack and I was quite comfortable following in her footsteps. I rummaged around in her underwear drawer and handed one over, climbing up on the bed to be near them for the main event.

She handed the condom to Jonathan and stood up to strip off her clothes. I heard a sharp intake of breath from Jonathan’s direction when her last piece of clothing hit the ground. Honestly, Ariel has the most glorious body. So womanly, even though she’s only seventeen. I’m always amazed by it even though I see it every day. Full hips, supple breasts – so full yet firm – and of course that beautiful cleft of soft, trimmed fur between her legs. My heart hurt a bit to think of Jonathan touching it but I reminded myself that this was what we both wanted.

I thought she’d want to be on top but she didn’t. She laid down on the bed and motioned for him to get on top. He’d stopped fiddling with the condom to watch her get undressed so now he had to work double time to get everything in place. He glanced at me before positioning himself between her legs, checking to make sure I was ok. I appreciated the gesture and nodded my assent. I wanted this for her and us. It was something we both wanted to experience.

Jonathan and Ariel kissed for awhile with their bodies pressed together on the bed. I could see her pressing her hips against him while she ran her hands across his back and ass. When she felt ready, her hand snaked down and guided him inside her. They both gasped as he slid in and he immediately stopped to check if she was ok. She answered by grabbing his ass and moving him gently on top of her until he got the rhythm right then she reached out and held my hand. I studied her face to see if it hurt but I saw nothing but pleasure.

She hooked her legs around his hips as their moans got louder. Her handed tightened around mine and she pulled me in, the force of her kiss surprising me. She hungrily sucked at my tongue, while still moaning at how good he felt inside her. I kissed him too and then watched them kiss and tried to imagine how it must feel to have someone’s tongue moving inside your mouth at the same time as their cock thrusts into your pussy. Just thinking about the intensity of those sensations made me reach down and rub my clit while I watched them get lost in one another.

“Oh my god,” Ariel gasped.

She let go of my hand to wrap her arms around Jonathan’s neck. Her moans intensified. I knew what this meant. I watched her tense up and press herself against him and, moments later, Ariel was a moaning pile of jelly nuzzling into his neck, her legs shaking, as he continued to thrust into her. He only lasted another one or two seconds before collapsing on top of her with a groan. My pussy ached to be touched and fucked like Ariel’s but I felt bad for poor Jonathan and I knew my turn would come soon enough. I wriggled in next to them both and we all snuggled naked in bed until Jonathan had to go home for dinner.


I would say that’s the end of the story but it’s not. Jonathan fucked me the very next day and we kept seeing him for the rest of high school. We’re in university now and we’re still together. “We” being Ariel, Jonathan and me. We love one another and we have amazing sex. Ariel’s body still stops me and Jonathan in our tracks and we’re all happy to follow her lead on the many adventures she takes us on. I won’t say it’s perfect because nothing is but it’s as close to it as anyone could hope for.


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