Apollonia Saintclair erotic art – oh.my.god.

The internet is full of amazing things and last night I found one of them while scrolling through Facebook. How awesome is this drawing by Apollonia Saintclair??

From Apollonia With Love on society6

And she has HEAPS of drawings all sorts of different sex stuff depicted in her beautiful illustrative style. I’m pretty sure there’s something for everyone – bondage, rope, dominance, submission, lesbian, bisexual, exhibitionism, public sex, even beastiality in the form of a few curious octopuses.  Hell, even ball pits (as seen above), which I’m only now seeing for their sexual potential.

I found her when The Creators Projects featured her in one of their articles and then I spent the next hour of so trawling through her Tumblr page and society6 site (where you can buy her work). I was pretty hot and bothered by the time I was done. The only other thing I will say is this: feast your eyes on her wonders – just not at work. And maybe try and have a willing (and like minded) partner nearby so you can both get frisky together. Sadly, Jared was not all that interested when I tried to show him my discovery (he was tired and stressed from work and just wanted to watch TV). *sigh*

Some of it is pretty out there – but I like out there so it was just up my alley. In fact, it’s given me a few ideas for things to write about. 🙂


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