The terrible no good day that eventually got better – part 1

John got into work flustered and late. At 3.30am, he’d received a text from Abbey, his assistant of seven years:

John, I’m so sorry. I’ve come down with a terrible bug and I won’t be able to come in. But I know how important today is for you so I’ve asked my friend, Jen, to fill in for me. She’s awesome. I’ve told her everything. You’re in good hands, I promise. Again, I’m so, so sorry. 

Panic and anger flooded his system but he told himself to calm down. Abbey would have had to be very sick to send a text like that on this of all days. She wasn’t the type to slack off. She was one of the hardest and most dedicated people he worked with. He sent her a ‘get better soon’ text and promptly went into meltdown. He couldn’t get back to sleep. He tossed and turned until he eventually got up and went for a run to try and calm his mind. The thought of going into such a huge day without his right hand woman made him break out in a cold sweat. But what could he do?

‘Abbey is sick so she’s sending Jen and you’re just going to have to deal with it,’ he reasoned, as he sipped his coffee on the way into the office.

‘But why today???’ he raged inwardly. ‘Goddammit, Abbey. How sick can you really be?’

He walked past Abbey’s empty desk, mentally noting that it was 9.05am and this supposedly awesome Jen hadn’t arrived yet. Abbey would’ve told her about the day’s activities, how he liked his morning planned, clearly she wasn’t up to scratch else –

He stopped in his tracks. Leaning over his desk was a tiny brunette busily arranging his newspapers, iPad and various other recognisable elements of his morning routine. She’d even got him a cup of coffee from his favourite coffee stand; he could see the branding printed on the cup. His heart flooded with relief.

“Oh there you are!” she said brightly. “Abbey told me about your…” her voice faded out while his eyes zoned in. Her full lips formed a constant smile as she talked, at once all business yet at the same time something more. She had on one of those figure hugging work dresses. You know the kind, expensive, made for work but not really made for work. This one was red, a wonderful complement to her olive complexion and the red lipstick on her glorious lips. The dress hugged her curves so tightly he wondered if she’d be able to sit down in it.

“… And so I’ve got this ready for you over here…” she was walking and talking and doing and he couldn’t take his eyes of this little dynamo of activity. He knew straight away that she had it under control. He just had to turn up and do what he was told and all would be well. In the meantime, this glorious creature could keep strutting around his office, putting his life in order, soothing his nerves and pleasing his eyes. Even her long, black ponytail swished pleasingly every time she inclined her head and fixed him with those mischievous brown eyes. As she was now. Shit.

“Anything else?” she asked.

She was standing behind his desk, fiddling with his computer while her other hand rested on the curve of her tiny hip. Doing something important no doubt. Solving world peace. Curing world hunger. He didn’t know, all he knew was that he wanted to see how far around her waist his hands could go. Could he get his fingers to touch? She was that dainty and yet not child like, there was definitely a woman’s body under that red dress. Suddenly, his pants felt terribly tight. He casually lowered his newspaper in front of his crotch and walked around to sit at his desk.

“Uhhh yes, that’s fine. Thank you, Jen,” he said, hoping he wasn’t being too dismissive in his rush to get her out of the office before she noticed his swelling erection. She stepped back to let him sit down, grazing her hand across his shoulders as she walked towards the door.

“Let me know if you need anything,” she called as she left the room, smiling at him with what could only be described as perfect cocksucking lips, before closing the door behind her.

God, he needed a moment to compose himself. He’d expected any combination of inept, hot, shy, dowdy, capable, matronly, confident but not this exquisitely perfect temptress. He should’ve known better really. Abbey herself was the perfect assistant. She knew he’d been down after his divorce and would be SUPER stressed about today’s big presentation. This must be her way of apologising for not being here. But who was this Jen? Was she meant to distract him? To cheer him up? Or was she purely a replacement for Abbey who just happened to be unbelievably sexy?

His cock twitched inside his pants, as if begging for attention. He ran his hand along his zipper, considering it. The door was closed. This was his office and he was the boss after all. Various scenarios played out in his mind. Sliding his hands around that tiny waist and over her ass, pressing her body against his and his lips against hers. Bending her over the desk and pushing that dress over her hips so he could rub his cock against her bare ass (no underwear in this fantasy). Lifting her up on the desk then kneeling so he could bury his face in her pussy, licking her clit through her sheer lace panties (in this fantasy, she wore expensive, specifically French underwear).

Stop, stop, stop, stop. His hand had been slowly stroking his shaft through his pants so he planted it firmly on the desk. He’d never done this at the office before and he wasn’t about to start now. He would get through the day and then go home and jerk off as much as he pleased in the comfort of his own home. Hell, he might even watch some porn while thinking about grabbing Jen’s long ponytail and forcing those glossy red lips onto his cock and watching her suck hungrily. But right now? Right now was work time and he’d best get on with it if he wanted today to be a success.

He stood up and paced the office thinking business thoughts business thoughts business thoughts until his cock subsided. Just as he was starting to feel in control of himself again, there was a knock at the door and Jen’s face poked into his office, her ponytail swishing in behind her.

“Sir, they’ll be ready for you in about 20mins. Do you need anything?”


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