Writing about sex

Erotic fiction is one of my favourite things to write but, like the real thing, I kind of have to be in the mood for it. Usually, I’ll have a flash of inspiration for a particular theme or scene and just run from there. I actually still spend a decent amount of time blushing and feeling a bit silly while also being incredibly turned on, i.e. quite literally dripping wet. Sadly, Jared is rarely around when I’m writing my stories so I often have to take care of myself when I’m done. What a hard life I lead. 😉

Once I have the basic idea in mind, I’ll get started. I usually just have a general idea for a scenario or setting. I’ll start writing and sometimes it’ll fit in one post and others it will start getting too long (in my opinion) so I’ll break it up. The multi-part format also buys me some time if I’m not sure where to go next or how to end it (which happens quite often). Is she going to fuck him or just let him eat her pussy or maybe just let him watch her strip and then walk off? You know, all the burning questions that need answers.

When I can’t decide what happens next, the easiest solution is to let my clit decide for me. I’ll take a time out and play with myself while thinking about various possible endings. What about if we make them do this? Hmmmm… maybe. Or he could do that to her? No, that doesn’t work. Or what about if she…? YES! YES! That’s it. Whatever idea works best for me in those moments is what I go with in the story. A very standard literary process, I’m sure you’ll agree. 😉 Plus surely it’s good to know that your filthy little erotic fiction writer is giving your stories a rigorous testing before presenting them to you. I’ve got to be sure they’ll do the trick before putting them out in the big, wide world.

When I started writing about sex, it was mostly just about my fantasies for me and Jared but it has gradually morphed into pure fiction. Yes, there’s always an element of my own personal fantasies but I’ve moved away from actually having us in the story. I’m also finding that I’m drawn to strong female characters who act as the sexual aggressor. Even if it’s rough or the guy is older or more experienced, the woman seems to be the one in charge. Although lately I’ve been toying with a new idea, something very different with maybe a little more violence or coercion, something that pushes the boundaries of consent. I’m not sure. I only have a very small scene playing in my head at the moment so I still have to figure out the rest of the story. Or maybe I just need to start writing it and it will come to me.


17 thoughts on “Writing about sex

  1. I can’t do character fiction. Anything I write is created from experience, even if it’s a combination of different experiences (or experiments) with different people, occasionally peppered with fantasy elements, or haven’t-yet-but-wanna-try. Because of that, I often write with a specific person/memory/desire in mind, and can only make it work in the first person (“I”). Sometimes I can write from the third person perspective, but only if I stick to pronouns; ‘he’ and ‘she’ are terms that allow reader accessibility even if ‘he’ and ‘she’ are actually Him and Me.

    I don’t know why that is, exactly, but it’s how I write. If I start in with character names and descriptions, it quickly reverts to childlike make-believe in my mind, and I may as well be talking about Boss Hog and Daisy Duke, because I just can’t take myself seriously.

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    1. Write whatever works for you. I started just writing about fantasies I had for Jared and me but then one day I had an idea for something totally different and just ran with it. If I wanted to go back to writing about my partner and me, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. You gotta write what you feel like or you won’t do it!


  2. I used to write some good fiction that got me hot and wet just as I was thinking about it. My husband loved when I wrote because he would get turned on too after he read it. Sadly, I’ve been kind of uninspired to come up with anything new over the last few months, not because I don’t have any experiences to draw on though. Maybe one day I’ll get back in the saddle, so to speak.

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