Watching can be a very sexual experience. Or, at least, for me it is.

  • I like watching porn
  • I would like to go to a swingers club and watch others have sex
  • I like watching my boyfriend have sex with other women
  • I would like to watch him with another man but he insists on being straight
  • I used to like people watching me when I was naked/stripping/dancing. I’d probably still like it but I’d be a bit more self conscious/less confident now
  • I’m ok with people watching me have sex but it’s not as much of a turn on as watching other people.

What is it about watching that makes things super hot? Is it that you’re that little bit removed so you can truly appreciate the sensuality of what’s going on without being caught up in it? Or is it the naughtiness of it, the peeping-tom aspect, even if the other people know you’re watching? Or perhaps it’s the fact that you’re being ‘forced’ to stay at arm’s length, that you’re not only allowed to get involved and all you can do is follow the action with your eyes, waiting for permission to be granted so you can join the party?

I suspect it’s all of these, depending on the situation. Although porn is probably just the need to watch something stimulating to assist with masturbatory activities. Which reminds me, I can’t remember the last time I watched porn. I’ve been so swept up in my own fantasies, mostly based on the little stories I’ve been posting on here, that I haven’t needed any visual aids in that department. Which is a bonus because, while I love porn, I truly hate the search for the perfect porn clip.

There’s so much crap out there and you have to watch a decent amount of each video before you realise, nope, this isn’t the one for me. I mean really, how many rough, inter-racial, MMF threesomes or filthy cum-slut gangbangs can a girl watch before getting disheartened? Why do you look so horrified? Is that not the type of porn you watch? Ah well. Anyway, the answer is a lot.


36 thoughts on “Watching

  1. I share the voyeuristic desire 🙂 I think there is an element of this that comes through within cuckold play for me. I also have an exhibitionist side and enjoy being watched too. Interracial videos…guilty as charged, ha! 😉

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    1. Birds of a feather! I love to get involved, would definitely not want to always be stuck watching but it’s definitely super hot to sit on the sidelines sometimes and watch others play, especially if those “others” are my boyfriend and another woman.

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  2. There is something naughty about watching, the once removed thing adds a mental element that is very titillating.
    Also, that sounds like an interesting selection of porn, we all have our differing preferences, don’t we?

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      1. Ah, the production values let me down there although occasionally you find one or two decent ones. Adult friend finder surprisingly has a HUGE amount of good amateur porn. Nubile films also has really nicely shot porn that’s quite respectful of women (not always what I go for but I appreciate the good stuff 😉).

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  3. I’m a people watcher, as people fascinate me. Maybe that’s part of the reason I like writing fictional characters. Anyway, I think watching sex fits into people watching, as I see how others look while they do it — and I imagine myself in the scene. I’ve never seen other people have sex in real life, as I’ve just watched porn.

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  4. I am a definite voyeur! Not a peeper! I love to watch and, If possible, participate. If participation is a no no but masturbation okey doekey while watching then that’s great also,
    Porn is great but real life is beautiful.

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