Hello, strangers. I have returned.

I have been remiss in my writing duties. We have had weekend after weekend out on the town, coming home at ridiculous hours and suffering the consequences for days afterwards. Sometimes I feel like I’m in constant recovery mode, trying to salvage what I can of what’s left after the weekend’s carnage.

Well, not this weekend! This weekend I’m staying in. I know I should be able to go out and not go out but right now I’m not taking any chances. This little piggy is staying home, getting caught up on her uni work and giving her brain chemistry a break. I am actually looking forward to it a HUGE amount. Although I’m sure that will change as soon as someone messages me on the weekend. I have a huge rubber arm but I must remain strong. I can’t deal with another huge weekend. It’s got to ease up (at least until my hen’s night on 3 September).

On the upside, I’m super excited that we have another weekend away booked at Pretty Beach House. You know that awesome place we stayed at back in February (here and here) where I spent the whole weekend nude and sunbathing? It was amazing. Sadly, it’s winter now so I don’t know that it will be the same experience but we’ve picked a different room, which has a big copper bath tub and an outdoor fireplace, so, with the right amount of heating, I can imagine there will still be near constant nudity, maybe just not so much sunbathing. Oh well. I intend on drinking all the red wine and living in total indolence.

I’m hoping having this weekend in followed by next weekend away will kickstart me back into ‘responsible adult’ mode (ha – like I have that setting!). Get back into the habit of writing on here. Start walking into work again. Being more proactive with my uni work. Hell, maybe even writing some more erotic fiction (I still have that not-quite-consensual idea banging around in my head – maybe I’ll find time to work on it on our weekend away). You know, all the stuff I was just doing before. *sigh* I need to get my shit together (again). I have way too much stuff on my plate to be party central right now.

Oh, in other news, we’ve decided we may actually have time to start dating again so – hurrah – this blog might actually go back to being what it was about in the very beginning: our polyamorous journey. We’ll see. Even though we’ve spoken about it, neither of us has really spent any serious time online actually looking but at least the option is there when the time feels right.


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