One more sleep

Things are feeling stable enough for us to venture back out into the world of online dating. We’d taken a break due to Jared’s crazy work hours with his two new bars opening at the same time but things are getting back to normal now so we’ve started swiping again on Bumble, Tinder and the revamped but still essentially the same Feeld (previous 3nder). We have a date lined up for next week Saturday – a day date. Coffee in a cafe somewhere (tea for me, I don’t drink coffee – it makes me paranoid, which is not such a great state to be in when on a date).

I’m excited and nervous. We haven’t dated for months so it all feels fresh and new again. I’m not sure this girl will be the right fit (she feels a bit timid but it’s hard to tell via text message) but regardless it’ll be good to get back out there. We’ve discussed getting back in touch with some of the girls we were messaging before we went offline. Sure, some of them may not respond but we can at least try. They disappeared as much as we did so we can just explain what the deal was (no time to seriously date anyone) and see what they say. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

But this weekend, this weekend is just us in a beautiful location for three nights of pure relaxation (and sex). I have a fair bit to do – uni, house and wedding stuff – and Jared has some work to do as well but we’ll be away from it all. In our own little slice of paradise. I bought us some bubble bath bombs to use in the giant copper bathtub in our room and we’ll drink wine and eat glorious food and do whatever the fuck we please (hopefully not much). Maybe go for a bush walk. We did that last time and found this beautiful peak looking out over the beach to the horizon. So pretty. Although we didn’t take the right shoes and it’s plenty scary going for a walk in the Australian bush with just thongs on. I was constantly freaking out about spiders, snakes and bull ants. This time, this bitch is going to be prepared. Maybe I’ll take my Docs, it’ll take a determined snake to bite through them.

I’m sure I’ll find time to write and post photos as per last time. It’s going to be a good weekend.


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