Of Women, Fish and Bicycles, with Apologies to Irina Dunn

I know some of you will see this twice but I wanted to share this across both of my blogs because I think it fits in with both. This is not so much a ‘women don’t need men’ post, which is what you might initially think, and more a ‘it’s ok to be single’ post. I feel like, as women, we’re taught to think of couple-dom, marriage and motherhood as the sole purpose of our existence and I’m so not a believer in that. Yes, I’m getting married but not because I feel like that’s what I SHOULD do but because it’s what I want to do. That’s the point. My point. Not that men aren’t important or necessary. I believe the same thing about same sex relationships and men in unhappy relationships. Love yourself, then love someone else. That’s my point.

The Likkleone

I know I say this often but I felt like I was really stuck with this assignment. It took me until the last week before it was due to truly pull my thoughts together and, even then, I didn’t feel all that convinced when I pressed submit but I went through with it anyway because I didn’t know where else to go. It was a unit that was both easy (in workload) and tough (in content). So with that in mind, I’ve posted my unedited assignment below with my tutor’s comments at the end. Final mark: high distinction.



Ever since I can remember, I’ve known my father was a cheater. I knew that about him like I knew he was Puerto Rican and brown skinned and a man. I didn’t know it in a hateful ‘he tore this family apart’ kind of way, just as a simple statement of fact. Maybe it…

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