Has anyone else really thought about this Gucci Guilty ad?

Image credit: LA Times

I wandered past it the other day and thought whoa. Not that it’s all that risque in the grand scheme of things (lord knows there’s waaaaay raunchier ads out there) but it definitely made me pause for a second. I mean, look at it. We’ve got a guy and girl in the bath. Another girl’s sitting on the ground outside and she’s holding the other girl’s hand. The word ‘guilty’ is emblazoned across the scene.

Why are they guilty? And what’s going on here??? The body language of the girl in the bath seems nervous/on edge to me. Is the other girl holding her hand to calm her down, to comfort her, to reassure her? Why is she nervous? Even the guy’s posture isn’t that sexual. He almost seems like he’s trying to calm her down. And then there’s the non-bath chick just staring off into the distance quite unemotionally, almost bored or maybe she’s just resigned to whatever’s happening in the bath.

I keep trying to figure out the connection between these three people. Are the girls lovers and they’ve brought the guy in for something new and the chick in the bath is freaking out because it’s her first time with a guy? Maybe the other chick has had plenty of dick before so she’s just hanging around for moral support. OR – and this idea is much less sexy and thus less appealing – maybe it’s not sexual at all. Maybe they’re in the bath because the chick is having a bad acid trip and they put her in the bath to calm her down and the other chick is spacing out on the floor but still wants her friend to know she’s there for her. The dude’s in the bath so she doesn’t feel all alone but he’s also secretly hoping to get laid by one or perhaps even both girls. Because you’ve gotta have dreams.

I like my first idea more but still, whatever your take, it’s a pretty charged ad, amiright?


10 thoughts on “Has anyone else really thought about this Gucci Guilty ad?

  1. Being a mainstream ad, I doubt they were going for anything more than a simple threesome. I think they went wrong by keeping the waif model blank stare. It completely throws off the context of the scene.

    I really like your thoughts on it though. Exactly the same random over analysis I tend towards. Your scenarios are much more real!

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    1. I agree. The blank stare throws it. But I also thing the weird body language from the girl in the tub also makes things a bit off. Either way, more interesting to ponder the weirdness of it – rather than a straight up threesome!

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  2. I like to think the non-bath chic’s not looking off into the distance, bored by the scenario in the tub, but gazing upon the nervous bather’s hand in hers. Being supportive of, encouraging ‘the first time’ jitters away. Okay, that’s just me bending the interpretation to fit my wicked little mind. 🙂

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