Can we talk about men in women’s clothing for a second?

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I came to a rather shocking (for me) realisation while watching American Horror Story – Hotel last night. Men in ‘women’s’ clothes are fucking sexy! Now, this was all before I woke up to the shitstorm that is the newest Trump scandal (him supposedly saying he likes the women in his team to ‘dress like women’ and the internet responding with images of women wearing any type of damn clothing they please with the hashtag #dresslikeawoman). But anyway, that’s not what I wanted to write about. In fact, it’s killing my buzz just talking about it.

What I did want to talk about is how fucking hot Denis O’Hare looks in AHS Hotel. He’s not normally what I’d go for but there’s something about how confident his character is sashaying around the hotel, doling out sassy words of wisdom to the other characters. He just owns it, outlandish eye makeup and all (don’t get me started on Lady Gaga’s epic wardrobe, holy shit!). But yes, he nails it and I found myself eye him off with something more than just appreciation for his acting skills. That being said, I liked him in True Blood as well. He played a very charismatic character then too. But I didn’t like him so much in the Freak Show season of AHS so it’s not like I’m always lusting after him.

I suppose this isn’t a totally new realisation. In the past, I’ve found guys attractive when they turn up to costume parties dressed as women. I think it’s a confidence thing. It’s awesome to see a guy all kitted up in women’s clothing – heels to boot! Pun intended – and just reveling in it. But in most cases, those guys aren’t trying to be sexy. They’re doing it for fun, to make people laugh, to be wearing the most interesting outfit at a party and maybe get laid. It gets me every time but this is different.

When Liz Taylor (O’Hare) is cutting around in his hotel room is his wife’s silky slip and fur coat, he’s doing it for him. Or should I say, she’s doing it for her. Liz believes she’s a woman on the inside and wearing women’s clothes feels more natural than what society has deemed acceptable for who she is on the outside. When the Countess (Gaga) gives Liz a makeover and she struts her way down to the ice machine (the first time she’s been out in public in this type of clothing), I felt all the feelings as I watched how scared she was at first and then how happy she became when she got to the ice machine and was like, “Yes! I am woman, hear me roar!” Why shouldn’t she be able to dress however she wants? And for that matter, why shouldn’t a man, who believes he’s a man inside and out, also be able to wear ‘women’s’ clothing? Why do we even have men’s and women’s clothing?!? It’s just fabric. Who gives a fuck?!

But I’m getting off track. This isn’t meant to be a political/gender diatribe. I was talking about how sexy it is to see a man’s body in women’s clothing. Maybe it’s because it’s taboo and I do love taboo. Or maybe it’s the contrast of seeing a muscular, hairy body draped in soft, silky fabric. Maybe it’s purely the confidence it takes to wear something society says isn’t for you and do it with a fuck-off attitude. I don’t know what it is but that’s definitely part of it. It’s not just a ‘oh he’s funny, he’s dressed as a girl for his buck’s party’ thing. Although, that’s sometimes sexy too. What it mostly is is having the confidence to be who you are out in the world (or in the privacy of your own home) unapologetically dressed as you please. I wouldn’t find it attractive if someone dressed that way to please me but I would find it hot as shit if they dressed that way for themselves and didn’t give a fuck what I thought.

So there you have it. I’ve added men in women’s clothing to my list of things that turn me on. It’s come as a little bit of a surprise to me but hey, you like what you like!

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4 thoughts on “Can we talk about men in women’s clothing for a second?

  1. I feel as though your reaction makes you kind of a unicorn, but as a guy who sometimes likes to wear lady things for my own enjoyment, I thank you for your thoughts and enthusiasm!

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