About me

I’ll start by saying that I also write a slightly more ‘vanilla’ blog called The Likkleone, which you’re welcome to scope out. The blog you’re on now is a little bit, shall we say, different from The Likkleone but I’ll let you decide if you want to explore further. 😉

I’m a pansexual woman in a long term relationship with a man for… hmmm… more than a decade now. God that makes me feel old sometimes. I’ve known I was at least bi since my late teens and, over the years, I did some experimenting with women and couples as well as a little BDSM. My current relationship has never been totally exclusive, we had threesomes in the early years and I was always ‘allowed’ to be with other women. Around May 2015, I took a leap and broached the subject of polyamory with now my husband.

I suppose that’s what this blog is all about: for me to express my thoughts and desires about what’s going on and what I’m interested in. I’m generally quite reserved about expressing myself (sexually and emotionally, let’s be honest) but writing this blog has already resulted in me being more open about what I want from my current relationship.

This will also be a place for me to indulge my growing interest in writing erotic fiction and basically anything else sex-related or too risque to post on my other blog, which my mother reads so… you know how it is.

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